Thursday, April 23, 2009

Edward Wakes 4.23.09

Edward opens his eyes and nose to a confusing atmosphere.

There are fumes in the air, heavy fumes that like to linger and crawl, like paint or varnish. 'Strange' thought Edward as he attempted to sit up in bed. Edward's mind, upon rising from the pillow was assaulted with a wave of motion and sickness. He laid his head back down.

'Sometimes we must be more careful waking up,' considered Edward and sat there peacefully for a moment, 'Now. What is that smell?'. Edward searched his memory banks of, not only, his olfactory glands but also his Pineal and Thyroid- truthfully not because he was on a grand search, but because he really didn't have much control of his memory searches as a small Terranian mammal. Edward was stumped.

He opened up his mouth to speak, and a puff of smoke rose out. He gulped his mouth closed too quickly in surprise, and choked on what smoke was still rising from his throat. Edward started to cough and sputter and he raised himself up to catch his breath- and the wave of motion and sickness returned. Edward was now coughing and clutching his head at the same time. Trying to find his way to lay down again- but not even knowing which way was up.

Edward, somehow, found the bottom, though it felt like the side, of his bed and motion slowed- and Edward was able to regain a small amount of his composure. Edward thought that he might try to blink once, and this would be all over. So slowly. He closed his eyelids, and lay there in the darkness for a moment. He centered himself, and drew inward as he had done so many times before.

He reopened his eyes. And above him were the large flashing letters "Randall Buckler". 'Who in the hell?' thought Edward.

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