Friday, April 24, 2009

Edward Wakes 4.24.09

Edward is not quite awake yet. Which is very unusual for Edward. He is a practical and organized man who takes pride in his circadian rhythm. But the last few mornings have just been so strange, that Edward's sub-conscience mind has suggested to his physical body, that possibly a little extra sleep this morning would be an advised plan.

So Edward slept for just a little bit longer than normal. But, practicality and stubbornness will over some the more shaded regions of your mind, and Edward started to open his eyes.


A man's body falls through the window and lands on the floor of Edward's room. Suddenly Edward's conscience mind wakes up, and starts scolding his sub-conscience mind for distracting Edward and keeping him asleep while important things are going on! The sub-conscience of course, was a little bit snooty, as it always is being the older part of the brain, and told the conscience mind that it would have happened anyways.

But nevertheless, Edward jumps out of bed with a scream. He quickly surveys the room, and is somewhat blinded by the new stream of bright morning light shining in his window. Edward looks down to the stream of light spilling onto the floor and it half lights a body laying there on the floor. The light oozes from the crack in the window and glitters off of all the broken glass.

Edward bends down, still afraid, but trying to be rational...and nudges the man with his hand. No movement. "Shit" though Edward, "Who is going to believe this?"

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